Sex, Dating, and Relating

Mark references these scriptures in the DVD.
Mark Gungor's Sex, Dating, & Relating DVD for Teens

Sex. Dating. Relating. Three of the scariest words for teens and their parents.

Finding the Teachable Moments

Teaching moments often occur when least expected, so be prepared. Be open to any discussion, meaning do not go off the deep end no matter what your child asks. Give a calm, honest answer. Avoid using a preachy or commanding tone.

Recognize an opportunity when it presents itself:

  1. If you see something while watching a movie together, and you feel it merits discussion, seize the opportunity.
  2. When something happens in the life of one of your kids’ friends, use it as a conversation starter.
  3. If your son or daughter tells you about a teen pregnancy in her school, capitalize on the situation and use it for discussion and teaching.
  4. At a time your kids seems receptive to conversation, ask them if they have any questions about dating or sex. If you get the eye roll, just continue on and make your point.
  5. An excellent time to bring up the subject of dating and expectations is immediately after the school has studied sex education in class.
  6. Any time a sibling is having trouble on the dating scene, or parents are having difficulties with an older child over the subject of dating, the younger children are watching. Use tumultuous times in your family to feed dating expectation information to the younger siblings, but do so without trespassing on the older child’s privacy.
  7. Make your job easier by talking with your children at a young age about dating rules, etiquette, etc. You don’t have to wait until they hit the teenage years to begin discussing the subject.
  8. For some children, darkness seems to bring anonymity and loosens one’s tongue. When your daughter is ready to turn the light out, sit on the edge of her bed for a “how was your day” talk. You’ll be surprised what subjects these conversations can bring about.

Adapted from: “A parent’s guide to discussing dating: teenage daughters”. By Karen Ray ©2002 Pagewise.

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3 Responses to “Finding the Teachable Moments”

  1. Melodee wrote:

    I have viewed the marriage series and the teen sex series. I would like to know the references for the studies that Mark and the other speaker referred to. The biblical references are very helpful, but I feel that you should provide at least the major study references for the stats regarding divorce, satisfaction and diseases etc…

    I love the way that Mark uses humor to get important points across, but for some this may detract from the message and without hard references, he may not be taken seriously.

    Also, is it possible to get transcripts of some of the segments? The content is SO good, but the delivery may not be well received in my church due to regional and personality differences. Would love to have Pam’s segment on transcript for future use in my youth group.

    Thank you for considering and if you would like to discuss further you may call me. 253-851-6004 Melodee MacKinnon

  2. carol wrote:

    hey mark your the greatest! thanks for keeping us balanced.

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